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JoelOnSoftware: Do you sell to China, Africa and Russia?

в форуме The Business of Software запостили вопрос "Do you sell to China, Africa and Russia?". Украину там тоже в ответах вспомнили. По результатам - продать софт конечно можно, главное правильно определиться с аудиторией.Пара цитат:
I sell my software worldwide in dozens and dozens of countries and I have never made a sale to China, Africa or Russia. I do sell in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Phillipines. But never China. Sell to Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, but never Russia (Scott)

I am from Egypt...
1- we are a poor country! most of the profit is directed to food and may be the education.
2- Our Currency is over estimated ! , we are a very cheap country ( for example here in Egypt you can get big mac for US$1.83, Coca can for 0.36 dollar, a cinema ticket for US$5 )
here in Egypt with US$400 you can live in a very good standards.
so telling me to buy a windows microsoft license for $200 is like telling you to buy the license for $1000 (A.Sa6ry)
(вот куда убежал дешевый аутсорсинг!)

We have made some sales to Russia and Ukraine. In most cases orders were placed and paid by their US or European headquarters but the product is used by offshore development teams.
Zero sales to China or Africa.(TN)

вот только все эти полезные сообщения не говорят какой конкретн продукт (не) продался

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