воскресенье, 25 июля 2010 г.

Serial entrepreneur is on his 4th startup...

Серийными бывають не только маньяки, но и предприниматели:
Excellent opportunity for a young coder to join our virtual family. Serial entrepreneur is on his 4th startup now focusing on mobile application. CEO lives in Santa Cruz and is looking for a college student(s) that are interested in building their portfolio.
No salary can be offered at this time. Equity offered for payment. Gain the experience of working with a ground-breaking technology startup in its early stages!

этот перл нашелся на крейдлисте Сомневаюсь что 5 стартап у такого предпринимателя будет успешней первых 4, иначе он бы не искал бесплатных студентов.

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